Our Guide To Naples

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Standing proudly as Italy’s third-largest city, Naples is also one of its oldest, most artistic and most delicious. There’s certainly a rich and fascinating history to be discovered in the city and surrounding areas; Naples’ centro storico is a UNESCO world heritage site, and the museums are full of archaeological treasures from the nearby Pompeii and Herculaneum. Add to this a majestic collection of palaces, castles and churches, as well as some of Italy’s best food and most skilled tailors, and it’s clear that Naples is well worth exploring. We look at some of the best things to see, do, eat and discover in this incredible city.

Image courtesy of Luca Rubinacci

Visit an authentic Neapolitan tailor

As any stylish Italian will tell you, the tailors of Naples are some of the best and most distinctive in the world. Neapolitan tailoring is admired and respected around across the globe, and the Neapolitan jacket – a soft-tailored jacket which oozes coolness and natural Italian style – is one of Naples’ most popular creations. For the ultimate Italian luxury, get yourself a bespoke suit fitted by the likes of E. Marinella, Rubinacci or Piccolo. 

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Discover a rich history at Museo Archeologico Nazionale

If you only visit one museum in Naples, make it this. Housed in a vast 17th century building you’ll find one of the world’s most impressive collections of ancient Greco-Roman art and artefacts, including the colossal Farnese Bull, the pumping-iron Hercules and the pair of powerful tyrant killers – all Roman copies of early Greek sculptures. You’ll also find incredible mosaics and artefacts excavated from the ruins of nearby Pompeii and Herculaneum, giving you a chance to learn about an ancient way of life.

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Admire the majesty of Cappella Sansevero

Neapolitan architecture is often known for its theatrical decoration, and nowhere is this more spectacular than Cappella Sansevero.  Originally built around the end of the 16th century, the chapel really became what it is today when the 18th century Prince Raimondo di Sangro commissioned the finest artists to adorn the interior. Inside you’ll find Giuseppe Sanmartino's incredible sculpture Cristo Velato (Veiled Christ), Francesco Queirolo's Disinganno (Disillusion), Antonio Corradini's Pudicizia (Modesty) and riotously colourful frescoes by Francesco Maria Russo, the latter untouched since their creation in 1749.

Image courtesy of Gino Sorbillo

Enjoy some incredible Neapolitan cuisine

Blessed with rich volcanic soils, a bountiful sea, and centuries of culinary know-how, the Naples region is one of Italy's epicurean heavyweights, serving up the country's best pizza, pasta and coffee, and many of its most celebrated seafood dishes, street snacks and sweet treats. Naples is particularly renowned for its Neapolitan pizza and you’ll find countless outstanding pizzerias across the city, with Pizzeria Starita and Pizzeria da Michele among the best.

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Take a trip along the Amalfi Coast

It may not be within the confines of the city, but if you have some time it’s well worth venturing south and exploring the nearby Amalfi Coast. From the unique architecture of Positano to the breathtaking views of Ravello, the coast is full of surprises waiting to be discovered. If you’re thinking of doing some exploring, make sure you check out our guide to the Amalfi Coast.