Italy's Most Romantic Locations

Image courtesy of Michele Ursino

The month of February brings with it Valentine's Day - a worldwide celebration of love and romance. In Italy, Valentine's Day is an important event - after all, Italy is the home of some of the world's greatest love stories and romantic art. In fact, admiring the beauty of Italy's natural landscape and strolling past charming and historic architecture, one can't help feeling romantic. So to celebrate Valentine's Day in true Peroni Nastro Azzurro style we're looking at some of Italy’s most romantic locations, from the towering mountains of Piedmont to the shimmering shores of the Amalfi Coast.

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Lake Maggiore

Set on the borders of Italy and Switzerland, Lake Maggiore is Italy’s second largest lake and easily its most romantic. The beautiful Borromean islands burst with floral colours, the lake sparkles under the Italian sunshine and the nearby Alps provide a stunning backdrop for an area full of magic.

The lake’s western shore is sprinkled with pretty villages and towns – the most popular being Stresa – which are full of luxurious aristocratic villas dating back to the 19th century.

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Where better to discover Italian romance than Verona, the setting of the famous tale of Romeo and Juliet.

A romantic escape to city will give you the chance to discover one of history’s most renowned love stories for yourself; visit Juliet’s house, see the famous balcony and admire the beauty of this incredible city with a romantic carriage ride or a relaxed stroll along the river. For a truly special experience, take in an opera at Verona’s 2000-year old open air Roman arena.

Image courtesy of Eric Hossinger

Amalfi Coast

We’ve written before about our love of the Amalfi Coast, and with good reason. This stunning stretch of coastal towns and dramatic shorelines is bursting with old-world glamour and romance, and you’ll become enamoured with the glistening cobalt blue waters, pretty olive trees, charming wine vineyards and wonderfully-scented lemon groves.

Each of the towns dotted along the coast offer something different, but the most romantic has to be Ravello, which sits up in the mountains above the coast and was described by composer Richard Wagner as the closest place to heaven from earth.

Image courtesy of Filippo Giampapa


What could be more romantic than escaping with your loved one to the seclusion of the mountains? Located in the north-west corner of Italy, the Piedmont region is surrounded on three sides by the beautiful Alps, and the countryside is adorned with elegant palaces, castles and rolling hills blanketed in wine vineyards.

A trip to Piedmont is also a treat for the tastebuds – the area is known for its delicious chocolate and the exclusive white truffles of Alba – and you can discover history, culture and incredible architecture in the city of Turin.

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No list of romantic Italian locations would be complete with Venice. The city built on water is as enchanting and magical as you’d imagine, with its winding canals, hidden alleyways, gorgeous architecture, elegant marble palaces and world-famous artworks. Take a gondola trip along the Grand Canal, unwind in one of the secluded and pretty squares, admire the opulent palazzo or spend the days just soaking up the alluring atmosphere. If you're planning on heading there, make sure you check out our guide to the city first.