Taste Of Italia: How To Make Insalata Caprese Di Burrata

When you think of good Italian food, the mind often wanders to the more indulgent side of the table – decadent pasta dishes full of delicious cheeses and a rich tomato sauce, or mouth-watering desserts, oozing with cioccolato. However, Italian chefs are just as proficient at creating fresh, light and even healthy aperitivo as they are at creating grand feasts. Insalata Caprese Di Burrata (Caprese salad with burrata) is a perfect example of this – a delicious and flavoursome salad that reminds us of relaxed light lunches by the coast, soaking up the warmth of the Italian sun.


115g of burrata, reserving the liquid
680g tomatoes
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 cucumber, diced
1 small handful of basil leaves
Sea Salt Maldon (or any sea salt in crystals)


Begin by pouring the liquid from the burrata into a bowl, and then chopping the burrata into small pieces and placing in a blender. Blend until smooth and easy to spread.

Next, seed and cut the tomatoes into cubes, making sure to place the pulp to one side. Now place the vinegar, the tomato pulp, the olive oil and the liquid from the burrata into a small bowl and whisk.

To being building the salad, put the tomatoes and cucumber in a shallow bowl. Tear the basil leaves by hand and sprinkle them over the salad, and then place a few generous spoonfuls of whipped burrata over it. Finally, pour the sauce over the salad, add salt to taste and serve. Buon appetito!