The Taste of Italia: How To Make Caprese Grilled Octopus

If you’re looking for a true taste of Capri, you have to try the island’s incredible seafood. With delicious and fresh produce caught every day from the glistening Tyrrhenian Sea, great seafood is an important part of the Caprese diet – something that award-winning chef Salvatore Elefante knows all too well. Salvatore creates wonderful seafood dishes that delight the eyes and much as the tastebuds at his famous Il Riccio restaurant, and here he shows us how to make one of his favourites; grilled octopus with French beans, potatoes and fennel oil.


12 octopus half-tentacles
20g diced potatoes
20g French beans
20g cherry tomatoes
Anchovy sauce (made from the extract gathered from anchovies in salt)
Olive oil, salt, pepper, oregano
White wine vinegar

For the fennel oil
1 litre olive oil
50g fennel

For the Court Bouillon
100g of celery
100g of carrots
100g of onions
10 seeds of pepper


Begin by creating the fennel oil. To do this, create an infusion with the oil and fennel, bring to 60°C and leave for at least 24 hours before filtering.

When this is done, create the court bouillon. This is made by boiling 5 litres of water for every ½ kg of octopus for 35 minutes, adding the celery, the carrots, the onions and the pepper

Once it is ready, cut the octopus tentacles, and then cut them again halfway along their length before cooking the octopus in court bouillon for about 30 minutes and then leaving in the bouillon.

Next, place the potatoes in boiling water for five to six minutes, adding a few drops of white wine vinegar to keep them compact. Then, cut the tomatoes into segments and top and tail the beans before boiling them and opening them halfway along their length with your hands. Season the vegetables and tomatoes with salt, olive oil, and a little fish sauce.

Finally, grill the tentacles, season well with salt and oil, and place on top of the other ingredients.

Sprinkle with oil and garnish with basil leaves before serving.