Who to Watch at Milan Fashion Week 2015

Image Courtesy of Fervent Adepte de la Mode

Milan's Fashion Week 2015 -- or Milano Moda Donna in Italian -- will run from September 23 through the 29th of 2015, and will present the Spring/Summer 2016 collections of hundreds of enduring and emerging designers, as well as booths and marketplaces for industry professionals. The show and marketplace will introduce authentic textile and design trends (there are whispers that linen and uneven or rippled fabrics are hot) and will spotlight the designers who define the fashions of our time.

Timeless Classics Set for the Stage

Attending the catwalks requires a personal or press invitation, but many of the Milan events take place in the timeless and beautiful open-air plazas and theaters around the city, so the glamour spills into public life. It's here that the strongholds of Italian style and clothing design -- Versace, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Giorgio Armani -- will establish the colors, styles and themes of Spring and Summer 2016.

These premium names won't dominate every direction, however, as established houses like Blumarine, Aigner, Dsquared, Jil Sander, Alberta Ferretti, Les Copains, Missoni and Etro are likely to reveal interesting, creative and edgy designs. If they take any prompts from the June 2015 menswear show that was held in Milan, the women's collections might incorporate both bright and saturated colors, swirling patterns and androgynous styling. Jackets and sandals might also be a fundamental part of the looks.

New Names in Fashion

In the trade show tradition, emerging designers and new talents complement the grounding presence of established brands. Newer names who might reappear include Angelo Bratis, Fatima Val, Chicca Lualdi, Grinko, Stella Jean and many others who collectively comprise fashion's future voice. "Rather than a designer in the classic sense, I see myself as a storyteller: my collections aspire to be narrative acts, to be listened to and not just looked at," said Stella Jean, one of the show's rising talents from last year.

New Ways of Watching the Shows

Some of the debutante designers will present their work at the personal invitation of Giorgio Armani inside his theater. Others might gain the spotlight through a show project called Next Generation. This juried contest selects four winners to feature at the show, choosing them from about two hundred candidates. If that wasn’t enough, semifinalists are given exposure through the project's website.