Vita al Mare: Style of Capri

Our Vita al Mare series celebrates the style, beauty and unique charm of the iconic island of Capri – a luxurious destination renowned for the breathtaking landscape and sparkling sea views that have made it a haven for famous and influential individuals for centuries.

One person who truly understands the influence of Capri is Constanzo Canfora, a native of the island and the maker of the highly sought-after Capri sandal. Constanzo’s handmade sandals, originally created by his grandfather in the 1940s, have become a fashion item that represents the attitude of the Caprese artists as a whole; luxurious, beautiful and understated, respectful of the island’s history but not afraid to create something new and unique.

Watch the short film below to find out more about the Canfora story and discover how the design of the Capri sandals is inspired by Constanzo’s surroundings.

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