The Joy of Natale: Marco Taddei’s Christmas Traditions

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Every person has their own Christmas rituals – personal and communal traditions that shape the festive holidays, from favourite foods and exchanging gifts to celebrations with family and friends. It’s fitting then that some of our favourite creatives in Italy, a country full of heritage, have festive traditions that are as unique and charming as the country they inhabit.

Marco Taddei is an example of this – a fashion blogger with a real appreciation for classic Italian elegance who offers flawless style advice and highlights luxury menswear brands on his blog Simply Mr T. We caught up with Marco to discuss his Christmas traditions, from eating tortellini in brodo to playing tombola.

Are there any special foods you eat on specific days around Christmas?

There are many typical foods that are eaten at Christmas in Italy. For example, I usually have lunch at home with pasta, meat and some homemade desserts like Panettone, Pandoro and Torrone. I love them. Sometimes, my grandmother will cook her famous tortellini in brodo – a special type of homemade pasta with meat inside.

Do you decorate your home?

Every year I decorate my home with a Christmas tree and some decorations like candles and toys. My Christmas tree decorations are from Canada.

Are there any days around Christmas that are particularly important for you?

Every year, a few days after Christmas, I meet my friends for dinner. This is a time we can all get together to celebrate and exchange gifts.

What is your schedule on Christmas day – do you have any traditions?

Every Christmas morning I have breakfast with my family – it is our ritual. Then I go around the town for a walk and a good coffee, before returning home in time for Christmas lunch, which always starts around 1 pm every year. After we’ve finished our wonderful meal, I usually play tombola, a game that is similar to bingo, with my family.

What do you drink on Christmas day?

We usually drink a good bottle of wine at lunch and when I go to my friend’s home, we always drink a cold beer together.