Italy's Most Premium Fashion Accessories

Image courtesy of Mainstream

When it comes to setting the stage for fashion trends, Italy is perhaps the centre of the world. Milan Fashion Week is the place where designers, celebrities, journalists, photographers and consumers discover the new looks in worldwide fashion, from New York to Singapore. Here are some of Italy's most premium accessories that have been a staple of Italian fashion and continue to influence the world of style year after year.

Italian Sunglasses

When people consider Italian fashion, one of the first items that comes to mind are the classic, designer sunglasses. Whether it's Oliver Peoples, Prada or Dolce & Gabbana, the signature look of high-quality Italian sunglasses can make an outfit come together in a beautiful way.

Italian Leather Handbag

Whether it's a gorgeous Prada black leather purse, a lavish Gucci purse or a stately Ferragamo men's shoulder bag, the Italian bag is an accessory that says more about a person that anything else they're wearing. Italy is known for producing stylish bags that pair well with both jacket and shoes. As a result, Italy is known for producing some of the most sophisticated and sought-after bags on the market.

Italian Luxury Watches

The watch is a subtle, yet elegant fashion accessory that, contrary to what its purpose dictates, is a timeless addition to any outfit. It makes sense that Italians, with their focus on and attention to detail and craftsmanship, have designed some of the most luxurious watches in the world. Brands like Panerai and Anonimo have made gorgeous timepieces that are popular with the glitterati crowd. Meccaniche Veloci is another Italian brand famous for their watches made especially for racing enthusiasts. Whatever their purpose, anyone wearing a premium designer Italian watch is sure to stand out from the crowd.

Fashionistas are most attuned to fashion accessories and Italians know the importance of the little details that can make an average look turn instantly immaculate. These are just a few of the Italian accessories that have helped Italians become recognised worldwide for their sophisticated style and attention to detail.