How To Dress Like A Milanese

Image courtesy of Daniel Viero

All over the world, Milan is known as the home of style. The city plays host to one of the most important fashion events in the world – the upcoming Milan Fashion Week – and is home to respected fashion houses including Armani and Dolce & Gabbana. However, it’s not just on the catwalk where Milan shines; the Milanese are renowned for their clean, fresh and understated style, which combines classic clothing with a relaxed and elegant attitude. With Milan Fashion Week just around the corner, here’s our guide to dressing like a Milanese.

The Clothes

When it comes to choosing clothes, the Milanese have three golden rules: keep it smart, keep it clear and keep it simple. Visitors to Milan will notice that the locals are always impeccably dressed, whatever the weather – that means no loud and garish t-shirts in the summer! The Milanese know what works well for them and many stick to certain rules, meaning they very rarely go wrong with their style choices.

The Colours

To ensure that classic and chic look, the Milanese generally stick to neutral shades for their clothing. Blues, greys, blacks, whites and nudes are most popular, and can give the impression of bespoke clothing even if it isn’t. Earthy tones such as browns are also a refined and classic choice, although you must be careful how you match your different shades!

The Fit

As any Italian will tell you, perhaps the most important part of any outfit is the fit. The Milanese know this better than anyone, and having clothes that fit well can make all the difference when it comes to looking good. If you can, take your clothes to be tailored to ensure the perfect fit. If this isn’t possible, remember one rule when choosing your fit – your clothes should skim your body, and should never be too big or too tight.

The Attention To Detail

One of the things that makes the Milanese such great dressers is their attention to detail – the small things that make a big difference. It’s why the people of Milan will never be seen in clothes that aren’t perfectly creased and completely spotless. This attention to details also extends to their choice in accessories. Shoes must always be clean and immaculately polished, and accessories such as sunglasses, watches and jewellery are carefully chosen as a representation of that cool and studied style.

The Attitude

When it comes to style, Italians always look as though they have bought their clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them. This approach, paired with a natural self-confidence, results in that classic and effortless style that is forever associated with the Milanese; that they always look good, and that their style is a natural part of their lives.