Since its launch in 2005, Peroni Nastro Azzurro has been synonymous with style. For over a decade, the iconic bottle and glass has led the way with an injection of Italian style, craftsmanship and heritage for people to enjoy around the world.

The new design continues this legacy with a clean, elegant shape and sophisticated curves

The new hexagonal logo and base

The rejuvenation of the iconic glass features a tall, elegant waisted profile with a new hexagonal base that matches the shape of the new logo – created specifically to enhance the beer-drinking experience.

Giovanni Peroni's signature can be seen on the new bottle

With style at its heart, the sleek new design draws inspiration from our rich Italian heritage. The signature of the founding father of Peroni, Giovanni Peroni, is engraved on the bottle.

The maize icon, a symbol of our heritage

The re-styled logo, also in a hexagonal shape, draws inspiration from the original Birra Peroni crest of years gone by. Subtle nods to our heritage can be found throughout, including a hand drawn maize icon, highlighting the high-quality Italian ingredients.