An Interview with Photographer Giulio Pugliese

As part our Grazie series we’re taking a closer look at the most exciting artists, designers, chefs and creatives inspired by Italian style. A true creative in every sense, Giulio Pugliese consistently captures breathtaking images of the unique characters, majestic landmarks and stunning natural beauty of Italy – particularly highlighting the history and charm of his surroundings in Rome. We spoke to Giulio about being inspired the people around him, his favourite photographers and the many ways that Italy can steal your heart.

Hi Giulio. Can you tell us about yourself and what you do?

Hi there! I'm an Italian photographer. I was born and grew up in Rome, I spent many years traveling around the world and now I’m extremely happy to be back in my hometown. I'm absolutely in love with Rome, the only city where I can get inspiration every day for my photography.

When did you get introduced to photography and what drove you to continue?

Thanks to my dad I grew up surrounded by photography. He was my first teacher but first of all, he was my first inspiration with his photography. When I was 10 he gave me my first reflex as a present and since then I haven’t stopped taking pictures. What drove me to continue? The constant need to find stories to tell!

What are the main inspirations behind your work?

The hidden stories behind each of us are what gives me constant inspiration in my work. But that's not all - the inspiration comes not only from myself but also by the people who surround my life. Family, friends, my partner and all those people I meet during my travels or, why not, in the subway! The everyday life.

You take stunning photos of life in Italy – what do you think makes Italy so special and so beautiful?

Thanks to my travels I had the opportunity to choose where I'm living now. The emotions that I feel walking in my city and in my country, I have never felt anywhere else in the world. The beauty of Italy is in its history and in its tradition. It may not be the perfect country where everything works perfectly, but Italy is a country that steals your heart!

Tell us about some of your favourite places in Italy.

The first place of all is doubtlessly Rome. Maybe because it is my city, but its beauty is something overwhelming. But in Italy there are many other places that I love, such as Umbria and Abruzzo. Two completely different types of nature - Umbria with its large vineyards and charming towns such as Spoleto, Spello and Assisi and Abruzzo with its mountains and its unexpected landscapes.

Who are your favourite artists, designers and photographers?

When we are speaking about my favourite photographers, I must mention Sebastião Salgado, a Brazilian photojournalist who made me fall in love with photography through the most intimate reportage I have ever seen inside the "Gold Mine" in Serra Pelada. By the way, if you have not seen it yet, I recommend his film "The Salt of the Earth" a masterpiece that makes us understand what it means to do photography.

 But photography is also searching for the perfect shape and then here's another great photographer, Giorgio Fontana and his endless search for the perfect geometry. 

What do you think sets Italian style apart from the rest of the world?

The Italian style is something unmistakable. Maybe this is thanks to the sensations that the country gives to the people who live here. Many Italian artists are inspired by the colours, by the culinary traditions and all those factors which can be felt by living in Italy; first of all, the love.